Sunday, November 22, 2009

Spike Lee speaks at Howard University!

So early last week I found out that Spike Lee was speaking at Howard University, for the free! So what do I do? I hop on the bus and take my paintings with me. Being able to hear him speak in person and view some of his work was an awesome experience! I told him to choose a painting and he chose 'Life on Mars'. My favorite story from the afternoon- The movie 'City of God' would not have been possible if it wasn't for Michael Jackson.

Also, much appreciation to Emmit and Erik at Civilian Renaissance for passing along the photos. Thanks brothas.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Real Dreams

This goes out to the homie Yolanda in Greensboro, NC. I was having a hard time coming up with a solid concept to paint for her. Then, while I was on a random google search I found this inspiring quote by none other than are beloved poet, Tupac: "Reality is Wrong. Dreams Are Real." It's so true because this time last year my reality was being a failure in Corporate America and not having enough talent/schooling to be an artist or graphic designer. But reality is WRONG! haha!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Paint Love. Get Love.

Dang I'm a lame photographer. But trust, the paintings came out well. These two go out to my homie and former work colleague, Edmond. I got the chance to drop it off to him at the office. Thats right people, I make deliveries.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Untitled (I need a title)

"I tell em, You know what's gonna happen with Hip-Hop?
Whatever's happening with us
If we smoked out, Hip-Hop is gonna be smoked out
If we doin alright, Hip-Hop is gonna be doin alright
People talk about Hip-Hop like it's some giant livin in the hillside
comin down to visit the townspeople
We +are+ Hip-Hop
Me, you, everybody, we are Hip-Hop
So Hip-Hop is goin where we goin
So the next time you ask yourself where Hip-Hop is goin
ask yourself.. where am I goin? How am I doin?
Til you get a clear idea
So.. if Hip-Hop is about the people
and the.. Hip-Hop won't get better until the people get better
then how do people get better? (Hmmmm...)
Well, from my understanding people get better
when they start to understand that, they are valuable
And they not valuable because they got a whole lot of money
or cause somebody, think they sexy
but they valuable caause they been created by God
And God, makes you valuable"
-"Fear Not of Man" Mos Def

Who Killed Christ? Answer: His own people. Who's killing Hip Hop? Answer: Us! But like Christ, Hip Hop never died to those who believed in its message. The end result of the piece didn't quite come out the way I would've liked so I'll be revisiting the subject till I can get an outcome that I like. Let me know what you think. Give me a title. And of course, its for sale. Just holla at me with an offer.

and oh: the silver lining in the back spells out "Who Did It?"

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Spread Love!

Sweden stand up! The homies Betiel and Senait are proud owners of their very own, custom, 'Pistola' paintings. I'm glad I could share my work with them and that its going to be hanging in their crib- spreading love to all their friends as well.
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