Thursday, September 29, 2011

Creative Shields x Concrete Cakes

Much love to G Man and the good folks at Concrete Cakes. They caught up with me at the new shop ReInspire Brooklyn for this latest feature.

Home Cooked masterpiece Vol. 1

When visual meets audio dopeness follows. DJs Flo and Jonesy throw the Home Cooked parties once a month. Catch the action from last month below.

Monday, September 19, 2011

ReInspire Brooklyn Grand Opening!

Much Work. Much excitement.
145 Front st., Brooklyn, NY

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Freestyle Fridays at FCBC

Last week my church in Harlem, FCBC, kicked off their Friday Night Youth Service, "Freestyle Fridays". They commissioned me to do the graffiti backdrop that would hang during the service.

Two big first for me- 1) Its my largest scaled project to date. 10 feet high and 36 feet long. 2) This was my first time only using spray cans. Pretty much a dream come true for me. I love can art but have never indulged like this before.

I'm excited for more large scale opportunities. I think I'm starting to get a mural bug.

Friday, September 2, 2011


This was a very special commission piece. A friend of mine love's Isaac Hayes and commissioned this for his new born son. It's kool knowing that this kid is going to grow up surrounded by great music and knowing the legends behind it. Rest in Power to the great Isaac Hayes. Play that Black Moses when you get a chance.

24x36, acrylic on canvas

Emy's Birdbrain

I dont have a tv. Am on the internet way too much looking at random crap. I feel boxed in at times with muted ideas. Make sense? Here's to us that relate. Thanks Emy.

15x30, acrylic, canvas

Love Save Japan... and Everyone Else

Did this piece in the spring for a video project w/ Cav Cavski/ and Alex. After the recent week in New York dealing with an earthquake and hurricane (along with the rest of the East Coast) I got to thinking about how fortunate we are for health and safety. Give Thanks. Spread Love.

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