Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Adonis Black TV comes to Harlem!!!

Momma I made it! And I got the kimono to prove it. Sike... I wish. But I did make it to Adonis Black TV in one of my very first interviews. Check out some of my work, my Harlem Studio (aka palace of the royal futon, my bedroom). Check out his work online and follow him on twitter, @adonisblacktv. He's hysterical I tell you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Community Arts Gathering & Fundraiser!

Thats Right. Black History Month continues to bring more dopeness with a community art show Hosted by the Black and Latino Student Caucus at La Pregunta Arts Cafe (135 and Amsterdam) on Feb. 26th. I'll be featuring some new pieces I've worked during this month. Complimentary drinks and a variety of appetizers will be on deck! Thats right, get your snack on.

$5-$10 donations are suggested at the door as all money donated will benefit NYC Arts Empowerment in Public Schools and ongoing relief to Haiti. Hope to see you there!

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