Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Tanning of America

Steve Stout's book and website- The Tanning of America, deals with Hip Hop's influence in marketing and culture. Here are some questions they asked and I answered- click here.

Hip Hop Coloring Book featured in The Stockton Record

Made it in the hometown paper. That's love. Click here to read the article.

proud pops

Panel Discussion at American Express

Thursday, Feb 2, 2012
American Express' Black Employee Network hosted a panel discussion featuring young entrepreneurs. It dealt with being a young entrepreneur. Had a good time. Met some awesome people- Wayetu Moore (speaker), Tina Wells (speaker), & Dr. Bob Lee (moderator)

Dr. Bob Lee, Tina Wells, Me, WayƩtu Moore, & Kelley Williams
photo credits KvonFoto

Ansel Adams Bridge Program

Jan 18, 2012. Stockton, CA.
I brought the Hip Hop Coloring Book to Ansel Adams Elementary's after school program. I rocked out with about 40 kids. They learned the elements of Hip Hop and did live painting.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Art on the Mile- First Art Show in Stockton

It took 3 years but I finally had an art show in my hometown of Stockton, CA. It was a dope evening. The show was at Wharlows on Miracle Mile and it was in partnership with the Gospel Center Rescue Mission. There was live music, live painting, and coloring books.

finished abstract piece entitled "whirlows" 24x36" acrylic

Abstract Lessons with the Lil Cuzzos

jan 14, 2012

So at this point I've been home in Cali for bout 3 weeks. I got some pieces I need to finish. The little cousins want some art lessons. I put them to work in the drive way. On our Cali steeze.

The Finished Piece...

Creativity from Behind Bars

date: Jan 9, 2012
The Hip Hop Coloring Book has been out for a month and the support has been great. I’m really happy to be sending a coloring book to Aaron, who is currently incarcerated at Pike County Correctional Facility.

I wonder what I would do if I was to ever get locked up. As a black male thats a thought I ponder often. I hope this book aids in his mental freedom and encourages him to pursue his creativity even while in the most discouraging of circumstances.

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